The Heart of Human Services in our Community

2018 Officers

President                    Kate Priest

1st Vice President      Lesley George

2nd Vice President     Rene'e Deschenes

Secretary      Debra Ames

Treasurer                Stefanie Myers

Directors                 Debra Ames  (2016- 2018)

                               Paula Trautman (2016-2018)

                               Jim Wilder (2015 - 2017)

                               Mindi Fetterman (2015-2017)

Committee Chairs

Annual Luncheon           Mindi Fetterman, Chair

By-laws                        Paula Trautman, Chair

Community Relations     Lesley George, Chair
Membership                   Debra Ames, Chair            
Nominating                    Stefanie Myers, Chair
Programs                      Jim  Wilder, Chair
Scholarship                 Rene'e Deschenes
Ways and Means           Christy Kee, Chair

Officer nominations are taken in October and the Nominating Committee recommended slate is voted upon by the membership at the November meeting. Officers are installed at the Annual January Luncheon Meeting.

Congratulations to the Member of the Year for 2017 - Debra Ames!