The Heart of Health & Human Services in our Community

Member Benefits

Corporate memberships allow any/all staff and volunteers to participate at meetings and the listserve, be eligible for awards and scholarships, etc.

Corporate Memberships are only $30 a year, with Individual memberships priced at $20.

To apply, complete the application and submit with payment via paypal or at a COSA meeting.

  • Get updates on what's happening with community programs & services.
  • Ask questions about a tough case for which you need help finding resources.
  • Inform others about what is happening in your organization.
  • Educate, inform and update members on issues that affect our community.
  • Join the listserve and send requests/notices to the entire membership with one email.
  • Find out about grant opportunities.
  • Share gaps in services and problem solve with those that can help.
  • Learn more about the health and human services available in St. Lucie County.

With a COSA membership:

  • Added to the listserve, an electronic mailing list that allows members to send one email that is broadcast all COSA members. (share information, collaborate about resources and identify support). You must be a verified member of the list in order to send emails. (see note below)
  • Participate in Chamber of Commerce Events as a COSA Member.
  • Apply for scholarships for professional development and the St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce Leadership program.
  • Get support for your community service projects.

New Member? Renewing Member?


NEW applications received after September 1 will be valid from date of receipt to December of the following year, (up to 16 months), provided that they have not been a member within the last two (2) calendar years.

ListServe: Please add to your address book to ensure that you receive the confirmation email when you are added to the ListServe. If you do not click on the confirmation link, you will not be able to send to the list. Remember to check your spam folder for the email! If you do not see the email, please make sure you have included the above email in your address book and send an email to to request that a new confirmation link be sent.

You may need to ask your IT staff add to their safe senders list so emails are not blocked by your organization firewall or spam filters. The list of originating IP addresses for that purpose can be found here.

One you receive the confirmation email and opt-in, you will receive a welcome email and you will be able to send email to the membership by using